The Advantages of Kegging Your Beer

If you have been looking at getting into home brewing then you will most likely find yourself bottling your home brewed beer. However you will probably find as you brew more and more beer you realize that kegging may be the better option. There are reasons why people don't start with kegging their beer and that is mainly because you need specialized equipment.

If you are looking at getting started in home brewing you will probably be looking at making it as cheap as possible without affecting the quality of beer too much. This is one of the main reasons why people don't start with kegging as it can cost quite a bit of money. A simple starter kit and the first batch of ingredients is all you need to start making an awesome brew.

Amateur home brewers will find that after a few batches they are hooked to home brewing and they start to explore ways to improve and enhance their home brewing experience. This is when kegging becomes a much more viable option as you have found a hobby which is both interesting and produces a good you can drink. Once you start kegging at you will find that there is plenty of advantages with home brewing.

Usually bottling is a much harder process to perform over kegging. If you are bottling you have to clean and sanitize all the bottles and also you need a fair bit of space to store all these bottles. A typical batch of home brew will need about 24 bottles of about 750ml. Most microbrewery or home brewing kits will supply you with enough bottles and caps to be able to do one batch of beer. Visit this website at for more details about beer kegs.

However, kegs offer a lot of easier ways to enjoy your home brew is. You can simple fill the keg up straight from the fermenter and you can also prime the beer in the keg as well. This will still require a few weeks for it to condition and become drinkable. A lot of home brewers however will purchase a CO2 tank for carbonation. This is often known as forced carbonation which means you can enjoy your beer within a couple of days rather than months. There are also other advantages such as being able ot control the amount of carbonation in the beer.

To be able to start kegging you will need to start looking at some specialized equipment including the kegs you plan on storing your beer in. You will also need to be able to store your kegs somewhere either in a converted freezer, fridge or kegerator here .